The magical world of homeopathy

In myths and fairy tales, the healing agent – a beautiful flower, a dragon’s tongue or the elixir of life – is usually found by travelling beyond the kingdom of one’s “comfort zone”. 

The hero or heroine has to enter a domaine, that is usually unknown: a dark forest, an abandoned spooky castle, or another kingdom – where they are nobodies.

And they have to overcome their own shadow side – their arrogance, their greediness and their many fears – triggered in their encounters with the beggers, the dwarfs, the animals and monsters on their journey. 

Only then, they can find the panacea and bring it back home.

In today’s world of freely available health advice and accessible medical care, homeopathy is often seen as living in the figurative forest surrounding the village – and as real as a unicorn!

And indeed, the way that homeopathy seems to function, is outside of what current science think as possible. 

At the same time, it is a therapeutic system that is trusted by millions of people around the globe.

if you are – like me – a bit of an explorer, if you like to think for your self, and if you know the beauty of the roads less travelled, homeopathy might just be the thing for you.

Let me explain you everything I know about homeopathy and how you may benefit from it on these pages.

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Getting well is often so much more than just having one’s symptoms removed.

There are life lessons to be learned and certain types of “ignorance” to be overcome.

Now, there are very few people visiting me in my practice, that do not know how to wash their hands properly or how to eat well. 

  • But many, who struggle with taking care of others, whilst forgetting to care for themselves. 
  • Many who want to live with their loved ones in harmony, but are suffering from their fierce need for autonomy at the same time.
  • Many who are still caught up in a trauma or a drama of the past, often going back to childhood or a relationship breakdown, and who are not able to perceive their present reality unobstructed by their past.
  • etc.

During the homeopathic conversation, great care is given to understand all the details of your health problems and your medical diagnosis. At the same time, the way you feel about your symptoms, how you have developed as a person, and in what biographical circumstances you live presently, are given a lot of importance, in order to find one – or a series of homeopathic remedies to assist you with your recovery and further personal development.

True healing is seen, when the physical symptoms are fading away, when hangups with the past are forgotten, maybe even forgiven, and a new level of freedom is reached in us confronting the challenges of our everyday lifes.

Do you think that this can be achieved with the help of placebos?

Let us not forget here that a big part behind the mystery of the placebo reaction is trust:


  • A hopefully growing trust in the person that you have entrusted your health with. 
  • A trust in the remedies that your therapist has prescribed for you. 
  • And an even bigger trust in your own judgement and your own capabilities to deal with the problems you are facing.
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